Triple Chocolate Brownie for Two

A Large Triple Chocolate Brownie for Two made with Nutella and double the amount of dark chocolate morsels. Serve a la mode with ice cream!

Triple Chocolate Brownie for Two

It all started with my single serve chocolate chip mug cookie. I realized how easy it was to make some of my favorite desserts in such little time. I wanted a chocolate brownie with minimal effort. No double broilers, no long cooking times, and no mixers.

This time I skipped the microwave and went straight to the oven. I wanted as close to a regular brownie as possible without all of the extra leftover servings. I knew the oven would give me the perfect texture I wanted with shorter cooking times. 

My Triple Chocolate Brownie will serve two perfectly or one very hungry person. I have eaten this whole brownie by myself I won’t judge.

Chocolate Brownie for Two

This brownie is made with dark chocolate morsels and Nutella. I melted chocolate morsels for our batter to get a fudgy brownie. I then add more dark chocolate morsels at the end. I pour half of the batter in the pan and add a scoop of Nutella in the center. You can smear it around or even mix it in the batter if you like. I prefer the gooey nutella suprise in the center. I top with the other half of the batter and plop it in the oven.

single serving brownie

The best thing about this brownie is it does not take long to cook. Typically a large batch of brownies takes 30-40 minutes at least. Our brownie takes 15 minutes tops! In the time you clean up you will be sitting down to eat your brownie.… 

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